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Renergy Foods Canada, Inc. & Wilcox Electric, Inc. Sign Joint Venture Agreement  

Joint Venture gives Renergy Full Access to Energetically and Functionally Superior Plant Lighting Technologies

(Surrey, BC, Canada) – February 2, 2012.

RENERGY Foods Canada, Inc. (“Renergy”) announced today it has entered into a joint venture agreement with Wilcox Electric, Inc. (“Wilcox”) for the development, manufacture and marketing of a line of agricultural lighting fixtures based on a patent pending, energy-saving solid state light chip technology.

Today’s commonly accepted greenhouse lighting standards are based largely on energetically-inefficient and often functionally inadequate HID (High Intensity Discharge Lighting) technologies. Wilcox has developed novel horticultural grow lights that are programmable to optimize plant growth, reduce operational energy consumption by up to 80% for the same light output, last significantly longer, and are functionally superior to traditional HID solutions.

Under the joint venture agreement – effective January 15, 2012 – Wilcox agrees to design and manufacture conceptual design layouts for a number of horticultural lighting solutions developed by Renergy (to be branded the “NuSun Grow Light”).

Under the agreement, Renergy has the right to manufacture the NuSun Grow Light should sales exceed Wilcox’s manufacturing capacity.

About Wilcox Electric, Inc.

Founded in 1993, Wilcox Electric, Inc. ( is a diversified, mid-sized electrical contractor based in Langley, BC, Canada that counts Chevron Canada, BC Lotto Corp., Sears Canada, Earls Restaurants and other widely-known names among its clients.

Wilcox’s horticulture lighting technology arm works with programmable light chips to develop and manufacture new, patent pending lighting solutions. Light chips are different from bulbs or LEDs – they resemble printed circuit boards that emit various coloured lights. For a given crop, spectral light output can be custom-tailored in “recipes” to optimize photosynthesis, flowering, fruiting, and other growth parameters.

Wilcox’s light chip technology is functionally and energetically superior to the lighting systems in common use in greenhouses today. In contrast to the widely used High Intensity Discharge Lighting (HID) lamps (e.g., High Pressure Sodium (HPS) and Metal Halide (MH) lamp systems), Wilcox’s light chips:

  • Consume up to 80% less electricity for an equivalent light output (100 Lumens / Watt);
  • Operates at 120 degrees Fahrenheit; can be placed much closer to plants;
  • Last significantly longer (average rated lifespan of 80,000 hours);
  • Degrade far slower (lumen output is reduced by merely 1% per year);
  • Cast light in such a way (120 degrees) that reflective and optical devices are unnecessary;
  • 100% recyclable and have no environmental fees attached to their purchase or disposal.

About Renergy Foods Canada, Inc. and Renergy Biodomes

Renergy Foods Canada, Inc. ( is an urban agriculture company that develops novel, sustainable agricultural and horticultural technologies for commercial and retail growers across the globe. Renergy’s solutions contribute to a commercially-viable renaissance of local (urban) food production and address environmental, social, and sustainability issues.

Renergy designs and build patented biodomes that are environmentally-friendly and can be located anywhere, including the most climatically inhospitable areas. Given the enhanced yields as a result of the company’s ability to grow high margin produce for 12 months of the year, faster growing times and cost-effective energy management, clients will experience faster capital payback, enhanced profitability, and compelling, consistent revenue growth.

Corporate Contact

Stuart Brazier
RENERGY Foods Canada, Inc.
1 (778) 881- 6190

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